Vendor Development Process is Simplified

Tired of complex vendor development process, procuring products costly with limited vendors, consuming your energy and time? Automate the vendor development process for all your procurements using our simple user-friendly cloud platform. You just focus on what matters the most: your goals.

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TatSatt Users

How TatSatt Works? 3 simple steps.

post enquiry

Step 1

Post your inquiry in TatSatt.

Using a simple user friendly form request for quotations from hundreds of suppliers.

  • For your comfort excel import your line items.
  • It all takes less than 5mins to post an inquiry.
Receive quotations

Step 2

Receive quotations

Receive price quotations from best rated suppliers from around the country.

  • Best quotation is filtered out by our best algorithm.
  • It all takes a few hours to receive 100s of quotations.
compare Quotation

Step 3

Choose the right supplier.

Compare all the quotations with price, warranty, payment terms, delivery schedule, and etc.

  • Vendor selection process is automated.
  • Shortlist the best ones and award purchase order.

The best way to reduce the procurement cost is by procuring products at the best price in the market, reducing your procurement lead time and man-hands. Choose the best quotations from 100s of suppliers from around the country by comparing with price, warranty, payment terms, delivery schedule, and rating of the suppliers all automatically.


Benefits of using TatSatt for Businesses?


Wide range of suppliers to choose from

Receive quotations from the best-rated suppliers (manufacturers, distributors and dealers) from around the country for free.


Automated quotation evaluation process

TatSatt helps you find the best quotations by comparing and evaluating all the quotations with price, warranty, payment terms, delivery schedule, and reliability of the supplier.


Reduced procurement lead time

TatSatt reduces your procurement lead time by signing up the eligible vendors on TatSatt up-front.


Reduced procurement cost

TatSatt increases your profit margin by reducing your procurement cost by automating the vendor development process and quotation evaluation process.


Automatic email notifications

We automated the email notifications for all your email communications like new quotation, new invoice received, request for amendment in purchase order.


Manage documents on cloud

A world class software to create, manage and track RFQs, Quotations, Purchase Orders, Invoices, Payments and Payment Requests in no time.

Create Purchase Order

  • A simple and automated form to create a PO in no time.
  • Being "change is the only constant", you can attempt unlimited changes in your PO.
  • Multiple PDF templates to choose from.
  • You can see and track the status of the PO from anywhere in the world in your comfort zone..
  • Automatic email notifications sent to sellers.

Receive Sales Invoices from sellers in TatSatt itself.

The good thing is that sellers also has options to create Proforma Invoice and Invoice in TatSatt seller's portal, once it is created you can see that in your screen.

  • Get email notifications for new invoices.
record payment

Record payments

Record the payments for an advance paid along with a Purchase order or a proforma invoice or a payment made for an Invoice.

  • Once a payment is recorded that would be automatically sent and displayed to the seller.
  • Automatic email notifications sent to sellers.

See how TatSatt is different from the market practice

Market Practice in TatSatt
   Best price in the market Not sure. Guaranteed
   Request for quotations lead time Takes few days. Less than a day
   No of quotations received Not Much From most of the sellers around the country
   Purchase expenses includes Human resource, Travel expenses, Resource's valuable time. One person who can post the RFQ
   Create Purchase Order Mostly using excel Automated form in few clicks
   PO Record and Amendment Can amend PO but no proper record Unlimited changes with cloud storage
   Communication with suppliers Write email or phone call Automatic email updates

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